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mafiadolls tiffany chapter rough draft

Mar. 7th, 2007 | 09:05 pm

To really understand my life youd have to know my background where I came from shit like that I was born in one of the many ghettos in new york brooklyn to be exact tiffany josephine jones on April 5th 1955 my father was a poor factory worker who I called daddy nigger behind his back don’t get me wrong I loved my father he just acted like a nigger meaning he acted like he had no education and treated his hunky boss like a piece of gold talking about how he was “good white folk” he hated anyone black who were against whites hed even spend his money at the wops number rackets my mother was fuckin great she only dealt with whites when she had to wasnt afraid of them and would speak her mind if they said the wrong thing she ran a small seamstress business and the wops muscled her out of a percentage when I was real young around 8 I became best friends with this sicilian broad named angelina michelle milano who lived in the italian ghetto section of brooklyn her father was the sicilian version of mine loved the bastards who were trying to keep us in the ghetto hated gangsters mobsters people who said fuck this crooked law and did what they had to do to get out of poverty I me and angel admired men like that we were both mature and overdeveloped for our ages body wise if you get my drift we were curvy you know small waist round ass big jugs I was a 34c when I was 12 and angel was a 38b and on top of that we were blessed with looks and looks got you everrywhere where were from we stopped developing at 16 I was curvy and a 36d and angel was curvy and a 38c we lied about our ages so we could work at the hot spot in the new york underworld a lot of mafioso and wannabes hung out there it was called ozzy’s play parlor and located in brooklyn it was a stip joint whorehouse and bar all in one mobsters and empty suits came there to discuss things get a drink and get a quick fuck without their wives finding out ozzy found out from fucking leach detective vollero we were 16 but he let us keep our waitressing jobs most of the time angel made twice the tips I did cause some of those bastards didnt want a black chick to bring their drinks we all wore a mini skirt with a garter attached heels corsets and lacy thigh highs we looked like hookers a lot of the girls who thought they were hot shit ended up being turned out and became hookers our parents didnt find out about us working there because wed pretend like we were going to school and go to work there and were out at 3 so it was like wed been at school all day eventually angel caught the eye of sal the plumber who was the counselor in the villari crime family in new york he was 40 married with a 19year old son but was loaded and she became his mistress goumada whore whatever you want to call it I started seeing a junk dealer who was slaving I mean working for the johnson family he had to give them 20% of the profit he made from selling dope it was that or be dead and someone else would take his place his name was tyrell sanders he was black basically a militant hated anyone who wasnt black and he was extremely sexy the johnson family was the only powerful black crime family at this time but I was happy he drove a dark blue cadillac and always wore silk suits and dress shoes and loved to smoke cigars he’d always take me to the hottest blck clubs and buy me whatever I wanted I decided to move out my parents house and move in with him he lived in a nice home in elizabeth new jersey angel moved into her own apartment which sal paid for and he bought her a mercedes tyrell got me a lincoln we were happy but they both hated that we liked working at ozzy’s and didnt want to quit 2 of the villari brothers started coming in and had a thing for us their names were vito and leonardo leo was supposibly the boss and vito the underboss vito was 26 and leo 28 theyd give us a 100 tip everytime they came leo would tip me and vito would tip angel then 1 day vito: angelina that’s your nam isnt it do you know who I am look me and you should go out sometime me and u and my brother and your amica you two are gorgeous broads why are you working at a joint like this angel: were seeing guys tyrell sanders and sal the plumber im seeing sal she’s seeing tyrell vito: so you 2 are seeing a fat ass and a junkman what could you 2 possibly want with them scmuchs angel: we lve them their our first fucks and here’s your 100 back vito: thats fine keep it we always get what we want we felt weird turning down these 2 gorgeous mobsters for our men these were very wanted men vito was handsome tall and skinny and leo was handsome tall and muscular leo had short black hair he always wore brushed back and leo had short wavy black hair they both wore suits all the time and smoked cigars leo drove a rolls royce and vito was always in a limo women swarmed around them like bees to honey a few weeks later tyrell was shot down in front of our house after he tried to break off from the johnson’s and sal the plumber was shot down in front of his house when he went outside to get the newspaper I was torn up about it and so was angel and ozzy letus stay with him because the whole time tyrell was married and his wife got everything and so did sal’s once I found out tyrell was married I got over his murder and thought he got what he deserved it became hell at ozzy he insisted we fuck him to stay with him and keep our jobs and when we didnt he’d beat and rape us he knew we had nowhere to go after 2 months of us being there then one night I was in the kitchen when I heard a crash and ozzy yelling coming in his room like he was in pain I pulled out the 9mm in his kitchen drawer and before guido his fuckin muscleman could go in ozzy’s room or pull out his gun I unloaded the 9mm on him it was my first time holding and shooting a gun and it felt good once he hit the floor I walked to ozzy’s room angel came out covered in blood me: what the fuck happened to you angel: I fuckin stabbed the bastard to death he wanted to fuck I didnt so when the jamook punched me in my fuckin mouth I got up told him to lay down and close his eyes when he did I took the letter opener that was on his nightstand and started stabbing him with it he was screaming like a bitch where’s guido me: I shot him down with this and showed her the gun and we started laughing angel : what are we going to do me: we take us some money and burn the house down ozzy was 20grand in the shitter had a lot of enemies no1 knew we were staying here angel:whatabout the cops me: fuck them they cant prove shit we then took 2grand out of ozzy’s drawer it was the only loose money in the house packed our clothes angelina threw gas around the house and set it on fire shee got in her mercedes and I got in my lincoln and we drove off that night ozzy’s brother was running the club and when the villari brother’s came in we asked them to take us out and they did we went to the opera and out to dinner I left with leo and angel left with vito me and leo ended up oing back to his place and fucking he didnt care that I was then 17 and he was 29 the next day me and angel got an apartment it was sotr of a dump but ok she fucked vito the night before after a month and a half me and angel ran off to vegas to marry leo and vito leo bought us a 5 bedroom 5 bathroom house in long island I knew his neighbors and some of his friends hated me but I didnt give a fuck and they knew not to run their fuckin mouths I was no longer allowed to drive and had a chaffeur who drove me wherever I wanted to go in a limo I even had a maidand leo had georgio gollow me around he was l of leo’s musclemen he eventually decided to show me around his business and how to operate it if anything happened to him leo:tiff if anything happens to me I want my famiglia to go to you I love you so much and I don’t trust anyone else to run it in my absence vito likes his temper is to hot and he has a big fuckin mouth and the rest of my brother’s are legit unless you don’t want to learn the business me: of course I do leo and I love you to I want to have a family to leo: tiffany it’ll happen soon enough weve been fuckin like jackrabbits now back to what I was saying rule number one you keep the organization private noone is to know how we operate our codes names of members anything you give your life before exposing the family or ratting you get pinched you go down alone that doesn’t apply to you if you became boss cause another rule is that the don/boss is to be protected at all costs rule number 2 always send contracts and other deals down the chain of commands the only 1 who should hear your plans is the advisor and the underdog and buffer if you have one no1 else is suppose to hear it from you the chain of commands in the villari organiztion is goes from you to advisor to your vice president to lieutenanat to solider who takes care of the problem never get involved with lower ranking members could cause you to get pinched next never write anything down don’t discuss business on the phone if they cant meet you in person wait till they can when you have problems with another organization’s members or boss call for a sitdown before having anyone whaacked unless it was something heinous they did then handle it always keep a piece me:whats a piece leo: a gun I got you one it’s a custom made 9mm silver with pink lining and your nickname engraved in pink on both sides hold it see if you like it me: I love it if I went somewhere and needed to be strapped where would I put it leo then got on his knees and pushed my dress up and adjusted a pink strap around my leg and stuck the gun in it me:why there and whats this thing leo: this is a gun holster vito got angel 1 just like it they never rub a woman between the legs when their searching her tiff you will always have a muscle with you but if something happens you need to be prepared that’s how a lot of bosses meet their death depending on their muscle and not having a piece tiffany did I never told you about my father he started the villari family and I took over when I was 20 because his best friend who was also his right hand man had him whacked by a couple of small timers when I thought it was him I had him meet me at the villari bookmaking business and I walked up to him told him that I knew he had my father whacked when I reelly didnt he admitted he was behind it but claimed it was for the family and begged for his life I made him kiss my shoe and I shot him in the back and watched him suffer and bleed to death I took over and been in charge since me: you killing that bastard turns me on he then carried me to the bed and we made love the next day angel showed me her gun it was like mine but in red and had angel on the side she said vito was a coke addict and a few days later I walked past leo’s office and overheard leo yelling and I knew vito was in his office leo: you fuckin shit head I could fuckin kill you you let that fuckin irish broad get into your head you fucked up this time im not paying off your debt this time you fuck up alone I paid off fuckin 30g for you last time to keep you from being whacked and you fuck me over again and even sold membership to a fuckin germ for 30g and you fuckin making deals behind my back with the jimmy the fuckin jew when were you going to tell me this shit whats the matter with you I don’t want nothing else to do with you youre finished I want you to leave town and don’t come back vito unless you get the ok from me and youre out the family tiff will be taking your place vito: it will never work youre going to let that black bitch wife of yours take my place is the fuckin that good that youd turn your back on your own blood and what if I don’t leave leo: ill tell you once unless you want angelina to be burying you youll leave im letn you have yourlife and if you ever fuckin say something against my wife again ill skin you alive now get out of my face and vito came out the door and went down the stairs and out the front door I tried to walk off but leo seen me leo: how long have you been standin thereyou listening in on my fuckin conversations now tiff me:no leo: you fuckin lying bitch and he chased me into the bedroom with his belt and beat me with it raped me and grounded me to my bedroom for the rest of the night I sat in there to and cried myself to sleep the next morning I woke up was sore all over and seen a white velvet box and a big silver box next to me with a card from leo saying how sorry he was the white box had a diamond tennis bracelet in it and the silver one had this white versace dress I wanted and the matching shoes in it I got up showered brush my teeth and everything and went downstairs leo was downstairs on the phone so I went back upstairs cause I was scared if he seen me he’d beat me again he came upstairs about an half hour later and came in our bedroom and sat down leo: did you like your gifts look tiff im sorry I just lost my temper last night I didnt mean to you know how much you mean to me and you know I love you the business is stressful did I leave any marks me: yes I have welps from your belt on my back legs and arms and my body is sore then I started crying me:i thought you loved me till last night when you beat me with your belt and raped me leo: I said I was sorry tiff and I do love you were going to go away for a while im taking you to las vegas with me we’ll be there for a week I’ve been given an offer to buy al anderson’s lucky duck casino and resort there he said business been bad and he’s willing to take any offerto be rid of the place me: leo I want a baby I get so lonely here now that angelina doesn’t live around us anymore leo: did you know she’s trying to convince me to let vito back into the family me: maybe she’s right it’s not like he was ratting maybe he was tired of living in your shadow you’re the one everyone talks about women flock over you you have all the money and power he could be a solider or a associate and be banned from being ranked higher that way he wont feel like you are abandoning him he loves you and looks up to you he’s been calling like crazy apologizing to me and telling me to tell you how sorry he is leo: okay ill give him another chance want to fuck me: no leo:vaffanculo then me: fuck you he then got up and I was about to run but he grabbed me by my hair threw me to the floor and started chocking me leo: I don’t want to fuck up your pretty face all I remember is everything turning black and when I finally woke up it was midnight and leo was gone but gilberto who leo paid to keep an eye on me and protect me was on the couch sleep I shook him and he woke up gil: what wrong dollface me:where’s leo how long has he been gone how long have I been out gil:when I got here at 5 boss said you were sleep he left and said he’d be back in the morning I then got my gun and my keys gil; I cant let you leave tiff the don told me not to me:fine and I went in my bedroom opened the window and tried to slowly climb out and fell into the pool and luckily wasnt hurt and I got in my car and drove to ozzy’s well it use to be ozzy’s it was then luigi’s play parlor it was the same type of club except it had been remodeled when I walked in luigi walked up to me and hugged me luigi: dollface it’s been a long time almost a year since I seen you you went into seclusion after marrying leonardo why are your clothes wet me; long story I seen leo’s car outside where is he forget it ill find him luigi: come on tiff calm down go home and get some rest leo’s not here why woul don villari be here me: I know his car luigi it’s the only white rolls royce around here and I ran upstairs and opened the first door that said don’t disturb and was the only one with double doors and in the back so I guessed it was someone importants room I opened the door and seen 2 people fucking and shot in the air and the man was my husband and some irish looking bitch me: you dirty ass wop piece of shit all this fuckin time youve been cheating on me with this bitch I shoul fuckin kill both of your asses but there is to much witnesses and ill be seeing you around you hunky whore it’s over you bastard and I left and drove back to our house packed my shit and left and gilberto couldnt stop me I went to stay with angelina and vito and found out was prenant leo called the next morning angel told him I didnt want to speak to him but when he flipped out on her gave me the phone leo: you fuckin bitch you have the balls to follow me I didnt mean for you to see that tiff it was an accident I don’t want that whore you’re my wife I love you youve proved your point now it’s time to come home it wont happen again I promise please tiff don’t leave me cause of this me:fuck you you piece of shit fuck whoever you want im filing for a divorce capisce and I hung up in his face then he called again and I hung up the next day I came downstairs he was sitting on the couch it was obvious I was pregnant cause I was 41/2 months pregnant and was showing leo: can we talk for a minute me: why so you can beat me and rape me I don’t want to be with you anymore leo my baby deserves better than that leo: youre some piece of fuckin work your baby I remember it I fucked you im the one with the dick you didnt fuck me youre not leaving me so get your shit were going home did you see the puppy I bought you 100% yorkie it’s a girl I got you a new mercedes ill buy you a new house just please don’t leave me he looked so sexy begging leo:we can still go to vegas get away from it all you werent fuckin so I fucked up and went and fucked 1 of luigi’s waitresses she didnt mean shit to me and it wasnt good I need sex tiffany me: fuck you but ill go to vegas with you cause im your vice president and it’s my job to go im keeping the dog and we got on in leo’s private plane and took off he ended up getting what he wanted cause I fucked him soon as we got to our room he let vito back into the family as a solider he hada meeting with al and I was right there paid him 500g in cash for the joint and al tookit like it was a million bucks we spent 2million on renovations and adding more slot machines tables and another bar I gave birth a few months before we opened leo had changed the name to dollface casino and resort I had a little girl leo chose to name her belladonna which means beautiful woman in italian she was so beautiful had a head full of curly jet black hair and black eyes she weighed 7pounds looked just like leo hewas so happy to be a daddy I was tired a lot and he held her and rocked her to sleep got up in the middle of the night to feed her and everthing he spoiled her always carried her he was in heaven I had to exercise a lot to get my shape back his mother finally came to visit she hated me at first but then loved me and she loved belladonna and moved close to us so we didn’t have to get a nanny and so she could watch her while we were out of town angel and vito moved back to manhattan they were living in colorado so I got to see her more often she had had her son vito a few weeks before I had belladonna he was a beautiful baby even though he didnt have much hair me and leo finally had to make the trip to vegas to open the casino I wore a long lowcut strapless white dress and leo wore a black suit his favorite color I looked like his mistress instead of his wife and he ended up beating a guy’s ass and throwing him out after he groped me then he took me into the bathroom and bitched at me about my dress opening night was a hit we made all our money back and a lot more we went to bed after midnight and went home the next morning which was my 18th birthday leo bought me a new wedding ring and wanted to renew our vows I wore a long pink strapless dress with a veil and 5 foot train for our honeymoon we went to denver colorado cause leo had been called to a sitdown cause thomas randazzo wanted to talk to him about being partners with the casino randazzo was boss of the randazzo organization based in california but he lived in colorado

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angelina chapter of mafia dolls rough draft

Mar. 7th, 2007 | 09:03 pm
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my life is fun but really fucked up to say the least me and my amica will probably go down in fuckin history along with her fuckin counselor and her and my baby sisters you see tiffany is running her dead husbands borgata or crime family whatever the fuck you want to call it I was born in brooklyn in January of 1955 to a broke ass carpenter and a homemaker and a house full of sisters and brother our papa hated mafioso I figured it was cause he was a sap tiff became my amica when we were real young we practically drunk out the same bottle my parents werent no racists they accepted tiffany and let her come over and spend the night I loved her like my own blood when we got over we started to becomeintrigued by mobsters and gangsters when we turned 16 we got in at ozzy’s play parlor this sleazy joint mobsters and wannabes hung out at tiff was the only black working there and ozzy told her he only hired her cause she was light skinned and really sexy and she showed him her tits but so did I cause he said he didnt usually hire sicilians even though he was italian he only had 1 working there the rest were hunky girls as I call them you know the non italian whites who claid theirselves as americans most had bleached out blonde hair and blue eyes but me tiff and the other italian girl who we became close to named anastasia were still the sexiest in there she wasnt curvy like me and tiff she was skinny but was gorgeus so men forgot she had no body so I asked the broad 1 day how she got in cause me and tiff had to show our tits ana: I fucked him the other dames mostly sucked his dick so you 2 are lucky I needed the job and the money real badley my folks are to poor to take care of me I have 8sisters and brother and they all still live at home im trying to go to law school I met the most greatest guy here he works in the villari organization he’s a accountant his name is dino trajani me: your such a jamook he’s a gangster everyone who deals with the villari’s are gangsters nothing wrong with it but don’t be so stupid about it I eventually started seeing sal the plumber who was the advisor in the villari family I got whatever I wanted and he got me a mercedes and my own place all I had to do was be his young bella comare and be happy with our arrangement I only seen him when he came to ozzy’s and on fridays when he took me out on the town he tried to get me to quit ozzy’s but I wouldnt id always tell him im not your wife blow me then after 3 months he was fuckin whacked in front of his house while he was getting the paper so my gravy train stopped and oz offered to let me and tiff stay with him which fuckin backfired because after a while he wanted expected us to fuck him tiff was raped and beat the fuck out of by him on a daily basis and id go in her room and lay in the bed with her till she fell asleep tiff was the innocent one and he fuckin took advantage of her I on the otherr hand just fucked him to get it over with after a few months of shit he came into my bedroom 1 night while I was fuckin taking my clothes off and unzipped his pants and came up behind me I told him vaffanculo and when I turned around he punched me in my yapper knocked me down to the floor I got up and told him to lay down id fuck him after I cleaned up my face a little my nose and lip were bleeding he said ok when I came out I told him to close his eyes and when he did I got this sharp pointy letter opener off the nightstand and stuck him in the nuts with it and said this is for me and tiff ya dirtbag and when he yelled I stabed him in the chest and in the neck and then I just kept stabbing I wanted to watch him suffer he finally stop yelling and breathing and I heard a bunch of shots I was fuckin covered in blood when I walked out the bedroom tiff was standing there with a piece in her hand said she emptied the clip on guido came up with the fuckin great idea of burning the shit hole down

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mafia dolls first chapter rough francesca macchione

Mar. 7th, 2007 | 08:35 pm

I was born Francesca Maria Macchione on January 10, 1972 to Angela and Francesco Macchione Mamma was a Sicilian and black woman light skinned long wavy dark brown hair and dark-brown eyes she had a perfect hour glass figure around 5 foot 5 inches in height and was abnormally beautiful she was eighteen when I was born she was the daughter of Jamie and Vincent Roselli who I called nonno and nonna uno they lived in Coral Gables Floridanonno uno was a legit businessman who despised men like my papa nonno uno owned a chain of hotels an Italian restaurant in a palm beach and some real estate no one ever spoke badly of him he was a short chubby Sicilian man with short black hair and black eyes he was around 5 foot 4 inches and had a natural tanned complexion nonna uno was a dark complected beautiful black woman around 5 foot 6 inches was a homemaker and had the same hour glass figure as mamma shoulder length dark brown hair and hazel eyes mamma was second to the youngest in her family Aunt Paula was the oldest and aunt Alana the youngest I loved it at nonno and nonna uno’s nonna uno always took us shopping and I got to eat whatever I wanted. My papa was a very handsome Sicilian man he had short wavy black hair he always had brushed back and black eyes he was about 5 foot 10 inches in height muscular with a very violent temper he had a lot of enemies and a lot of admirers and neither spoke badly of him and none of his enemies were dumb enough to cross him papa was a businessman some legal some not he owned two gentlemen's clubs in Chicago an Italian eatery in Cicero an apartment complex in cicero I heard he was still in control of great nonno Macchione's number racket operation and loan sharking business and I knew he owned a place everyone called the poolyard he was 20 when I was born and had four brothers and one sister uncle Paolo was the oldest then there was uncle Angelo uncle Aldo papa and aunt maria he was the son of Francesco Macchione the second and maria Macchione whom I called nonno and nonna nonno was a handsome Sicilian man around 5 foot 11 and slim with short wavy black hair and black eyes, he was an honest retired attorney and he also owned some real estate papa said he was criticized a lot for defending people that were labeled as mobsters and gangsters and drug dealers and getting the a really reduced sentence probation or cleared of all charges I finally reached the age when I was too nosy for my own good and started asking questions me: nonno what are gangsters and mafioso and why did you defend them aren’t they bad people? nonno: they’re just names people come up with to label other people who live differently then they do what these men do is bad but who am I or anyone else to judge them this country is based on lies bigotry and murder I defended them because all money is green to me those people made it possible for me to retire and give my kids the best of everything you got to stick to your gut do what you believe in not what people tell you is right and you are going to learn that no matter how law abiding how successful you are you can’t escape the Macchione name there’s a lot of bad history tied to that name because of your great-grandfather my father so a lot of ignorant people are going to assume were all bad no matter how Much you've proved them wrong. Nonna was a beautiful naturally dark complected Sicilian woman around 5 foot four with and an hour glass figure long thick wavy black hair and black eyes she came to America from lercara friddi Sicily when she was 13 in 1932 she was hired as a nanny for the Macchione's that’s how she met nonno she was 51 when I was born to completely understand how my family is different you would have to know our history it all started with great-grandfather Macchione my aunt his daughter told me the whole story life for a Macchione female isn’t easy even though we have everything a girl could want to truly understand you have to have a father tied up in this thing they call an organized crime family or what Pappa calls the organization you know the names the mafia the Cosa Nostra the Syndicate, the outfit, and the office. To name a few we’ve been loved feared and hated by people well never know great grandpa Macchione was born Francesco Mario Macchione on August 12, 1882 in Palermo Sicily he and parents and his four sisters and five brothers came to America when he six and settled in an Italian ghetto in Brooklyn New York his life of crime started when he was 16 with crimes like petty theft and car jacking the fact that he was Sicilian and had been in trouble with the law and hated cops anyone in law enforcement caught the eye of Sicilian don Michael madonia and. Within 10 years he went from associate to underboss of the madonia family eventually him double-crossed madonia had him murdered and took over the madonia family even though madonia loved and trusted him and treated him like a son he changed. It to the Macchione family and was involved in extortion the number rackets money laundering had a loan sharking and bookmaking business and a few brothels and strip clubs he was forbidden fruit to my great-grandmother Sophia but somehow she gave him a chance after six months married him and had four kids she eventually saw him as the cold-hearted man he was and how terrified people were of him because he’d have someone wacked just cause they didn’t agree with him he was labeled the most cold-hearted don of all time some called him don Satan then one day she walked in on him beating his advisor to death with a bat for giving him bad advice she planned on taking the kids and leaving the country but a great grandpa found out her plans and a few weeks later she was found in The trunk of her car shot a ton of times great grandpa Macchione loved for his victims bodies to pop up to fuck with the cops cause they couldn’t touch him he had too many paid off and they never could prove he was behind it she was only a 37-great grandpa was boss from 1912 to 1947 when he chose to retire he died on December 4th 1982 of a Heart attack at the age of 95 he confessed to my aunt cause were Catholic and believe you have to confess your sins before you die to make peace with god nonno and great grandpa didn’t get along he said great grandpa was a coward and he knew he was the one who had his mamma wacked and a great grandpa said nonno was a sap in fact nonno didn’t want anything to do with Anything illegal he became his fathers opposite great-aunt allesssandra who told me the whole Macchione story was a nurse and her husband was a doctor great-aunt prascilla became some gangster in Baltimore wife great-uncle santino became a surgeon and never been in any kind of trouble from the time me and my sister Angela and our friend’s Lucia deluca Mercedes moretti franca lombardo anna and annamaria marcello were born our fathers. Had our lives planned out and not even our mothers had a say in it they planned everything from what college we would attend to who we would marry our mothers didn’t work they just took care of home and pretended like our fathers were legit and they knew nothing about all the illegal shit they did mamma would tell anyone that asked papa was a hardworking businessman and was only hounded by detectives and the FBI and reporters cause he and his friends were Italians and Sicilians and people just wanted to slap that mafia label on them if mamma did know anything she was good at hiding it according to the papers and the dicks who were investigating papa uncle Bruno Uncle johnny uncle vinny uncle bobby were part of an organized crime family the Macchione famiglia he had taken over after great grandpa’s Nephew stepped down and he was the don uncle johnny was the buffer uncle vinny the messenger boy and uncle bobby one of the lieutenants the Macchione famiglia had at least 20 lieutenants 100 soldiers and 150 associates uncle Joey was his counselor and uncle Bruno his underboss great story but no evidence to back it up they said papa was just as ruthless as great grandpa but he let. Anyone who was Italian in his family while great grandpa was restricted to Sicilians only he didn’t like or trust non Sicilians none of them was my actual uncles we call them that cause papa grew up with them and look at them like brothers I would admit our life was far from normal but thought that mafia and papa being a don shit was too far fetched my parent had sort of a big family. There were five of us my brother’s Francesco the 4th whom we called Frances he was only 15 at the time but girls swarmed around him like bees to honey santino whom we called tino who was mean and 14 then there was my older sister Angela named after mamma whom we called Angie and Who was 11 then there was I everyone called me fran or frannie I was 10 our mamma was an obedient housewife most of the time who lived a life of luxury she wore this gold necklace with two heart pendants interlocking each other and diamonds went around it and the pendants were an emerald and a ruby rumor was they were stolen jewels and the whole necklace was worth 60 million reporters would be around our house every day trying to get a story out of us and never. Did the papers always tried to make it look like papa was some gangster and he wasn’t uncle Carlo and Frankie would break their cameras and throw change at them when they caught them which was funny papa went on a lot of business trips and we could never go uncle Carlo and Frankie stayed with us till papa came back they weren’t our real uncles either just really close to papa when papa returned they would go home and papa would take us out on the town when we finally got back home we would have to pack so we could stay at an available relatives house so mamma and papa could have alone time and when we got home the next day mamma would be overly happy uncle Joey was who papa called when he was pissed he called him fat Joey He was a handsome chubby Italian man around 5 foot seven in height with short black hair and black eyes he usually wore glasses he was a retired attorney our mother's were only allowed to hangout and socialize with each other and mrs.appleton and mrs.halpern mrs. Appleton who s first name was layla was a dark skinned attractive black woman with black hair that reached her chin and black eyes around 5 foot two skinny really nice and always looked like a soccer mom the only mom that didn’t like her was aunt Tina or mrs. Deluca she said aunt layla was stuck up mrs.halpern who first name was malya was an attractive Jewish woman with shoulder length black hair and green eyes she was skinny around 5 foot six and always dressed casual like aunt layla aunt Tina didn’t like her either aunt Tina/mrs.deluca who was uncle Bruno's wife was an attractive Neapolitan woman shoulder length dark brown hair and hazel eyes around 5 foot four was skinny and always wore designer everything her favorite type of clothing were mini dressed and skirts and low-cut tops when she could get away with it without uncle Bruno flipping out mrs.lombardo/aunt cat who real name was caterina who was uncle vinnys wife was a really gorgeous Italian woman she was also a surgery case she had breast implants collagen in her lips and two nose jobs she had bleach blonde Elbow length hair not her natural color and black eyes she was skinny except for her tits she was around 5 foot three and always wore designer everything always wore heels low-cut tops and dresses and minidresses she and aunt Jessica hated each other but were forced to get along by uncle vinny and uncle johnny aunt Jessica/mrs moretti who was uncle johnnys wife was a gorgeous Italian woman but was against surgery she was around 5 foot five hour glass figure had brownish reddish hair that reached past her shoulders and black eyes she wore designer everything always wore knee length dresses and heels she dressed like a lady just like mamma aunt Eliza /mrs marcello who was uncle bobby's wife was an attractive Greek woman with long curly black hair and black eyes she was around 5 foot four skinny And dressed like a soccer mom she was the quiet one in the bunch uncle bobby/mr marcello was a gorgeous Italian man around 5 foot nine skinny but strong he had a shaved head and black eyes uncle vinny/mr lombardo was a gorgeous Italian man around 5 foot nine skinny and strong with short black hair he always had brushed back and hazel eyes uncle johnny/mr moretti was a gorgeous Italian man I and Angela had a huge crush on him wed get all googly when he came over and papa would tell us to cool it he was around 5 foot 11 muscular with short black hair he always had brushed back and black eyes and a natural golden tan uncle Bruno/mr deluca was an attractive Italian man around 5 foot 10 husky with short wavy black Hair and black eyes mr halpern/oren was an attractive Jewish man around 5 foot six with short brown hair and brown eyes mr Appleton/Lawrence was an attractive muscular dark complected black man around 5 foot nine with black hair he wore in a small Afro and black eyes my best friend was annamaria who was uncle bobbys daughter she was the same age as I and we had 25kt gold charm bracelets with small diamond on the charms, papa let me go into the jewelry store and he bought them for me and I gave the other to annamaria was a town boy like me she had long black hair and black eyes wed play in the dirt and with frogs and pull pranks on people in the neighborhood we were having the time of our lives and we never thought that would change my other friends were Mercedes moretti who was basically a book worm and labeled a nerd at school cause she loved to read got good grades and wore glasses caprice villari who was one of papa’s “business partners” daughters her grandma was best friends with nonna uno and gianna who was uncle Joey’s daughter they were okay except Mercedes idea of fun was reading a book or doing homework caprice liked doing each others hair and nails and didn’t like playing outside and gianna was like that 2 when it would be just me and them id be the outsider we lived in cicero till I was 10 then we moved to this secluded rich type neighborhood in laguna hills California there were a total of 10 houses in our neighborhood it was closed off by a gate and you had to know the password to get in there were 5 houses on one side and five on the other there were no Italians, blacks, jews, Mexicans , Chinese anywhere except for us our neighbors were nice to us always inviting us to dinner parties and papa and mamma were members of the laguna hills exclusive country club I still hated it there just a bunch of bleach bottle overly tanned schmucks I hated the way they talked even more then I hated them we weren’t allowed to socialize with them to much but lavender Appleton was she was such an ass kisser and a pain in the ass papa unlike his nonno wasn’t racist or looked down on anyone who wasn’t Sicilians he just didn’t like finocchios we moved to laguna hills long before the halperns and appletons well about six months before them they moved there at the same time I overheard uncle Bruno talking to papa when they first moved in uncle Bruno: what do you know we move to burnt cracker paradise and now we got niggers and jews what next japs chinks papa: did you just fucking ask me a question or question something I said to do I own your ass when I say jump your ass jumps keep up with the shit and ill break you and fucking put johnny in your place I told you why we we moved here once Bruno and I don’t give a fuckif their pink with fuckn stripes their friends of mine capisce? Uncle Bruno: I got it Frances wont happen again that summer we went on vacation to palm beach florida and stayed in a beautiful beach house there was me mamma papa Angie lucky my little brother Luciano tina Frances uncle Bruno was suppose to keep watch over the house and papa’s businesses while he was gone we were going to stay in florida for two weeks but three days into our trip uncle Joey called and papa went into he and mamma’s room to get the phone lucky was in the back sleep and everyone was at the beach I was tired of the beach so I stayed at the beach house and mamma braided my hair papa then came out the bedroom in a rage picked up the fucking coffee table and threw it into the wall and was yelling in Italian so I knew he was pissed mamma then got up mamma: che cose’e papa: let’s go in the bedroom I shouldn’t be telling you this but you’re my wife and I love and trust you well talk in there and they went in the bedroom soon as mamma shut the door I snuck over to the door and listened mamma: what wrong baby papa: that son of a bitch fucked me over 500 g’s that was Joey that just called he said the books are 500 grand short and Bruno took it and left town he was talking about starting his own family mamma: where did he get that much money from and what are you going to do Frances that piece of shit stole 500 thousand dollars from you papa: that was the profit from the poolyard in cicero and the hall in Vegas for last month noone knows where that fuckin prick went im going to have bobby handle it mamma: maybe he will come back you should give it a few days before you make up your mind papa: no Angie noone fucks over me you’re either with me or you’re with him if you cant handle the fuckin truth I wont tell you anything else capisce mamma: im with you you’re my husband and I love you papa: that’s my girl johnny will tell bobby my decision I want you to take the kids and go to your parents till I send for you capisce? mamma: why cant we just go home what are you planning to do Frances papa: it might not be fuckin safe at home I got some deals to take care of and I wont be home and you guys need a vacation Frankie and Carlo have important business to take care of and wont be able to watch you guys you’ll be safe at your parents now go do what I fuckin said and no more questions mamma: ok ill go get the kids I then ran and sat on the couch when I heard the doorknob turn mamma and papa then came out papa: sorry I lost my temper like that bambina me: its ok papa mamma: Franny go get your sister and brothers were going to stay at mamma and papa for a while till your papa comes back me: papa why cant we go with you I want to go with you and I ran over and hugged him papa: bambina it’s a papa only trip like when were at home you love it at your nonno and nonna uno’s now be a good girl and do what your mamma says me:ok and I went and got the others we packed and when we were getting in the limo mamma got out and held papa and started crying he walked he over to the limo and she got in when we finally arrived at nonno and nonna uno’s nonno uno: you finally came to your senses and left that gangster me and your mother raised you better than that you’re to good for some no good gangster you’re a beautiful girl I wanted a good man for you mamma: like anthony a lawyer law abiding papa I know Frances isn’t perfect but I love him he’s my husband we have 5 kids together were trying to have another 1 has mamma made dinner yet nonno uno: dio ve la mandi buona we came nonna uno came up and hugged all of us and told us we could find a bedroom to crash in I wanted to tay downstairs nonna uno: what is the reason for this great visit I see bags what up honey mamma: nothing everthing is perfect Frances just had some business to take care of nonna uno: what whacking people you need to leave him he’s no good for you you’re so loving all he’s going to do is break your heart you gave him 5 beautiful children and he hasn’t changed please stay with us mamma:i cant mamma Frances is my husband mamma started getting upset and sick a lot she was upset cause papa hadn’t called in a week and she was sick every morning when he finally called after he spoke to us she hung up in his face and he called back mamma: what do you fuckin want you haven’t called in a week to busy out with your whores to give a fuck about me vaffanculo and she hung up nonna uno: honey is the stuff on tv and in the papers true about that chain you’re wearing I and your father have never seen anything like it anywhere mamma: they’re just looking for a story mamma none of it is true just a bunch of lies nonna uno: I hope so finally 3 weeks passed and papa was coming to get us he came in a limo and after we exchanged hugs kisses and goodbyes with nonno and nonna uno we got into the limo and once in palm beach we got on our private plane and were on our way back to laguna hills papa:what the fuck your problem Angie actin like a fuckin jamook mamma: ness uno me lo ficca in culo papa: noone is unless you want me to mamma: you’re such a prick you finally came to get us after 3 weeks of bed bouncing huh I hope you enjoyed it because im leaving you papa: you’re not going anywhere and I was taking care of business not out with some fuckin broad I go through enough with you mamma: you what about me you know what whatever papa: no say it mamma: I want to move to Newport beach I heard it’s a beautiful place to live papa: noone told you that but that sap your folks wanted you to marry but for you ill make a few calls and find us a house there laguna hills is going to get a little to hot for me anyways when we finally got home the delucas house was for sale me: what happened to the delucas house papa: Bruno had to take a long vacation and couldn’t afford to pay for it so they wont be back and he started laughing and went into the house a week later front page news and headline news BRUNO DELUCA SMALLTIME BUSINESSMAN FOUND IN HIS 1982 ROLLS ROYCE SHOT EXECUTION STYLE CAR BULLET RIDDEN NO WITNESSES NO LEADS then suddenly aunt tina started talking to reporters her exact words “I have no proof Francesco macchione don Frances whatever the fuck these saps call him these days and Jonathan moretti and Roberto marcello all played a part in my husbands murder I just know it they’re all just gangsters and Bruno ripped don Frances and the rest of his family off so he got even” around two weeks later aunt tina was reported missing when papa seen me watching it he told me to stop watching that it seemed papa liked tormenting cops with his victims bodies being found just like great grandpa macchione I went to hang out with Angie me:angie do you think its true what aunt tina said about papa Angie: a little you heard nonno and nonna uno carry on about him papa is a gangster sis just like grande nonno I just wonder what they di to papa if he did do it do you believe it me: a little but they probably had it coming papa is a good man he isn’t like greatgrandpa he was a monster. Angie: I don’t want to talk about that gangster stuff im going to bed 2 weeks later we had to say god bye to the halperns’s and appletons and we moved to Newport beach our house was huge 7 bedrooms 8 bathrooms a tennis court a huge in ground pool in the back with a built in waterfall 3 stories with a elevator the library tina and Frances bedrooms were the only rooms on the 3rd floor the lombardos’s moretti’s and marcello’s lived across the street from us uncle johnny must have taken uncle Bruno’s place cause he then had the most expensive everthing after papa the lomberdo’s had the 3rd and the marcello’s the 4th papa had a rolls Royce and a Maserati and mamma had a rolls Royce uncle johnny had a Mercedes and a Ferrari and aunt Jessica had a Mercedes uncle vinny had a jaguar and a BMW and aunt cat had a jaguar uncle bobby had a Lincoln and so did aunt Eliza I never understood why they did it but it was fine with me cause we were always on top things were going good till September of that year I was now 11 we were about to have a dinner party and papa was inviting our friends and mayor Lewis and his wife daughter Elsa and son Larry mamma had gained about 5 pounds and her stomach was noticeably big she looked like shed been crying so I walked over and hugged her me:mamma what wrong mamma:they found your aunt Tina’s rotten body in the back woods of Nevada they know shed been shot in the back of the head and in the neck but they have no idea who would do that I hated Bruno but Tina was like a sister to me we were friends since high school her papa was friends with mine I loved her so much it’s just hard to believe she’s gone then papa appeared papa: Angie you need to get yourself together the mayor and his family is coming you embarrass me and it’s your ass and you need to let up on the spaghetti you’re starting to look like a lard ass you know I like my women built and put on another fuckin dress if you look like shit I look like shit which isn’t going to be good for you capisce? Mamma: fuck you and the fuckin mayor you’re just inviting him to give him his nice hunk of change for turning his back on the illegal shit you do my best friend is dead im sorry im not a cold hearted bastard like you fuck you you son of a bitch and im fuckin fat cause of your ass im pregnant you fuckin cunt and she ran upstairs and slammed their bedroom door papa:your mother has lost her mind and he walked upstairs and slammed their bedroom door I went and sat on the couch mamma made the dining room and living room look so beautiful there was a tall fountain in the middle of the living room the table had antipasto and a few glasses of wine on it the dining room chandelier was on she used the china dishware and crystal wine glasses for the adult table the table cloth was real vanilla colored Italian silk and the vase was filled with real white roses the teen table was like the adult table except their was no wine but they got goblets the kids table had a blue silk tablecloth but no roses and regular glasses we all had to dress up mamma had made Sicilians style filet mignon for the main course some kind of vegetable salad for the side dish and lemon pie for desert me and Angie were dressed alike in all pink and white with pink ribbons in our hair tina Frances and lucky all wore black Armani suits like papa’s everyone had arrived right on time or early the party was at 8 mamma didn’t finally come downstairs till 8:15 and papa came downstairs 5 minutes later me:you guys been up there for hours im hungry mamma is it true you’re having a baby mamma: yes its true im 5months pregnant aunt cat aunt Jessie aunt Eliza all got up and hugged mamma Angie: why are you guys hugging her it just means her and papa had unprotected sex which is gross papa:where the fuck did you learn that shit from Angie: sex ed at school maybe you should have kept me at boring catholic school papa: go sit down ill talk to you later well your mom will after dinner and dessert papa made and announcement papa: I have some bad news me and vinny fucked up a little and were going to be guest of the government for a little while mayor Lewis: what did you do I might be able to help you or Joey can papa: tax invasion you know how the bastard squad I mean FBI works if they cant nail you for one thing they’ll find something else to nail you for and johnny kept trying to warn me and vinny but we didn’t think wed get pinched me: papa are you coming back papa: of course bambina you’ll see me I just wont be home for a while mamma started crying mamma: why the did you get yourself into trouble now im knocked up you don’t care about me all you care about is yourself and being a gangster what am I suppose to do Frances im so sick of you papa:vaffanculo puttana mamma then ran upstairs crying and I heard a door slam aunt cat: Frances aren you going to go after her why do you talk to her like that she been nothing but good to you papa: I didn’t think my mom was here uncle vinny: shut the fuck up and mind your own business eh aunt cat: screw you you can sleep on the couch tonight im going to see Angie papa: mayor johnny vinny bobby and Joey the library we have business to discuss and they got up and followed papa rosa who was uncle vinny’s daughter got up and sat on Frances lap Frances: want to go for a drive pops got me a Ferrari rosa:yeah me :papa said you had to ask before driving it after 9 and its after 9 frances:vaffanculo and he left me: im telling tina went to bed finally papa and everone with him came downstairs papa:wheres everybody me:aunt Jessie went home aunt cat is still upstairs with mamma aunt Eliza went home and rosa left with Frances to go for a ride papa:that little bastard he knows the rules and no telling what kind of dirty things he’s doing to your daughter vinny so it looks like you are going with me to find them mayor Lewis: thanks for the invite Frances are you available next week for dinner at my house papa: ill check with the misses and its past your bedtime bambina so I had to go to bed papa let mamma go to aunt Tina’s funeral and 2 months later papa and uncle vinny were sentenced to 18 months in allenwood federal prison the murder racketeering and drug charges against papa and uncle vinny were dropped for lack of evidence papa was kind of ashamed of what was going on and told mamma not to bring us to see him because he didn’t want us to see him like that the fuckin feds or whoever put a lien on everything and we had to move out our house so did the lombardos we were completely broke so we went to uncle Joey auntcat: can you believe those fuckin feds first they lock up our husbands then they lock up everthing so we cant touch it I hat feds their like a badrash the more you try to scratch them the woser they get FBI should stand for fuckin bitches incorporated mamma:frances said it was for forever bothering Italians aunt cat: what are we going to do Joey we have kids we re 2 nice looking women we cant be fuckin bums Angie’s 7months pregnant uncle Joey: well you two need to talk to Jonathan and Roberto because johnny is working in Frances place and bobby is working in johnny’s place I keep track of the books and run errands for johnny and bobby they know the procedure and know where the safes and money is at im glad you 2 came over instead of called to discuss this the feds wont be able to fuck with you cause Frances has a few legit businesses that pay off good to cover up the not so legal ones and Angie after you get situated I want you to get some rest little Frances need his sleep we rode to uncle johnny’s first in uncle Joey’s limo uncle johnny was waiting for us uncle johnny: Angie just who I needed to see Frances wanted me to give you something and tell you something and here’s a letter from him let’s go into my office when mamma came out she had 2 suitcases and she said she and uncle johnny had to run a few errands and shed be back aunt cat went on to uncle bobby’s a few hours later mamma pulled up in a brand new rolls Royce told us to get in and told us wed be moving into our house the next morning it was a 6 bedroom 6bathrooms no elevator no 3rd floor we did have a in ground pool in the back a sunroom with a Jacuzzi and mamma turned the guestroom upstairs into an office for papa she had a nursery ready for the baby the lombardos moved next door she had gotten a new jaguar it was the end of the year everything was going great except for papa and uncle vinny being in prison till the unthinkable happened it was December 1983 right before new year uncle Carlo and uncle Frankie came and kept watch over us at night because a few days before mamma had gotten a package along with some black roses the package had 5 bigass dead salmon in it the note in it said tonight don macchione and his family sleeps with the fishes mamma was upset all day Pietro a close friend of papa and uncle johnny’s was staying at their house because uncle johnny was moving out Mercedes said he was leaving aunt Jessie for Tiffany villari she was his mistress and he wanted to be with her and aunt Jessie wasn’t taking it good at all it was a school night mamma told me to get off the phone at 11:00 and I was a little scared about the whole package thing so mamma stayed in my bedroom and layed next to me till I fell asleep I went into a deep relaxed sleep then what seemed like suddenly I heard what sounded like a thousand gunshots and then I heard screams bullets came through my bedroom and I rolled to the floor as fast as I could then I heard exactly”you shouldn’t have fucked with randazzo now you son of a bitches are dead then they laughed I snuck a peak out my window and seen two Italian guys getting into an all black Cadillac and drive off I sunk to the floor crying then ran and opened my door and ran to Angie’s bedroom me: Angie are you okay Angie was crying and balled up Angie: no I was hit in the stomach get mamma I called 911 told them what happened then ran downstairs screaming uncle Frankie uncle Carlo I seen uncle Frankie laying on the couch his gun was on the floor and I seen he was bleeding from his mouth and neck and I knew he was dead I shook him anyway and called him a few times then I held him crying me: im so sorry uncle Frankie this wasn’t so suppose to happen I love you uncle Frankie and I sat there suddenly uncle Carlo grabbed me uncle Carlo: im so sorry baby but he’s gone you got to let him go I loved him to did you call 911 me:yes uncle Carlo: good girl im going to go carry your mom and sister down here your brothers are fine none of them were hit the ambulance pulled up there was like six of them 1 behind the other they came in our house and got mamma and Angie and put them in the same ambulance and told uncle Carlo where they were taking them then a coroner well 2 came 1 went in our house and uncle Frankie was carried out in a body bag and put into one of the coroner cars I stood there crying aunt eliza came ot the house crying and holding uncle bobby the paramedics put annamaria in the ambulance then the coroners had 2 more bodies in body bags onstrechers I ran over there and seen mercedes holding aunt jessie crying and I walked over and wrapped my arms around them me: wheres uncle johnny and uncle pietro they didnt say anything so I knew they were dead and I walked out the house and ran to uncle carlo crying he carried me to his car and put me in and told tino and lucky to get in and uncle joey came and got aunt cat vincenzo franca and angelo they let frances take rosa with him uncle joey had his limo driver trail him in his limo and also told cedes aunt jessie johnothan bobby anna thomas to get in and we all drove off we stayed at uncle carlo the otherrs stayed with uncle joey I fell asleep in the living room floor and awaken to uncle carlo yelling in italian on the phone he finally gave us the news uncle carlo: your mamma will be okay she was just hit in the side and in the arm but she lost the baby it was a boy she’s pretty upset about it angie is in a coma she was hit in the chest I hope to god she pulls through this annamaria is ok she was only hit in the leg but frankie pietro and johnny are dead did anyone hear or see anything me: I did these italian guys said randazzo says hi afterr they shot up our houses they were driving a black cadillac 1 was tall and skinny and the other was tall and fat they had to have someone driving and in the front cause they both got in the back and the car took off uncle carlo: youre a very smart and observent girl franny well take care of this don’t worry that scum hasnt gotten away with this in the meantime while everyone was in the hospital between hospital visits we tried to forget what was going on mamma and annamaria finally came home but angie was still in her comaand that was 3 days after the shooting uncle johnny had been hit 6 times once in the back twice in the back of the head once in the neck once in the shoulder and once in the arm he had been downstairs with aunt jessie and shielded her from the bullets uncle pietro was downstairs and protected mercedes from being hit uncle pietro’s funeral was 1st there was mostly close family and friends there then except for mr. Frattiano who was allegedly 1 of papa’s lieutenants and mr. Romano who was allegedly 1 of papa’s soliders in his famiglia then there was uncle frankie’s funeral which was exactly like uncle pietro’s it was fucked up burying 3 people you love in a week’s time then last was uncle johnny’s funeral his funeral was huge the mayor and his wife and kids the senator and his wife about 5 cops a police chief and 1 of the city councilmen and his wife aunt jessie had on a dress that looked like a blck wedding dress and had on a black veil mercedes was dressed just like her I knew they were crying but I just couldnt see it then tiffany villari walked in with 1 of he musclemen his name was roccofabricini he was a gorgeous italian man tall and muscular with short black hair he looked like he was in his 20s tiffany was wearing a knee length long sleeve dress and heels then aunt jessie stood up when she seen her auntjessi: what the fuck is your black ass doing here you fucked my husband and my husband was leaving me for your slutty ass he’s dead now so just leave and let me morn tiffany: look bitch johnny wanted to be with me im wearing his ring I deserve to be here as much as you do I was going to be his wife im not in the mood to deal with your shit and they sat down unclejoey: cut the shit jessietoday is not the day at the graveside aunt jessie and tiffany started fighting after aunt jessie pushed tiffany down but she coulnt back up her mouth fabricini brok them apart when they left I noticed tiffany dropped her bracelet it was a diamond tennis bracelet that was engraved tiffany and johnothan forever I gave it to mercedes cedes: thank you fran daddy must have really loved her I want to talk to her about daddy I got in the car with mamma and waved goodbye mercedes aunt jessie and johnothan were staying with her nonna and nonno and mamma was renting a house close to the hospital which was a dump but uncle carlo was right randazzo didnt get away with what he did his wife leah was found an hour away from home on a highway raped and beaten badley but she wouldnt tell who did it randazzo then skipped town with some millions and his mistress finally after 9 days angie came out of her coma and wanted to know what happened she was finally home after amonth I mean she was at the dump after a month mamma went and bought us a place in coral gables close to nonno and nonna uno because we felt safer there and aunt cat moved rosa vincenzo franca angelo and herself there to get away from everthing then aunt jessie killed herself shed taken a bunch of sleeping pills and some vodka left a note apologizing to johnny and cedes telling them she loved them and said she couldnt live life without uncle johnny so we had anotherr funeral to go to it was just close family and friends there and she was buried in her wedding dress and and her coffin was white all of uncle johnny’s 5million dollar estate would be split between cedes and johnny when they turned 18 so they stayed with their grandparents the marcellos moved out to carson city nevada uncle joey moved to palm beach but had to take care of papas businesses make sure things were in order you see most girls who have father’s like mine are aware of what theyre father’s do but turn a blind eye on it and would die before telling anyone weeks finally turned into months and things were going sour between mamma and papa and franca said aunt cat her mom was having an affair with some cuban dopedealer in miami and uncle vinny had a goumada and so did papa thats why our parents arent getting along I didnt believe it till I eavesdropped on mamma and aunt cat in our living room talking aunt cat: I don’t know how you do it angie it’s been 6 months since frances been home you know he has his slut on the side you still got a year to go and your being faithful you are to good to him mamma: I know all that cat but I love him to much to cheat on him or hurtt him I really want our marriage to work its hard cause he thinks money fixes everrything I think about taking the kids and leaving but I wouldnt want them to hate me im scared of how he influences the boys they see how good we live and might follow in his steps I don’t want my sons to become him can I tell you something and you got to promise you wont tell anybody I didnt loose the baby I gave him up he’s with my sisterr paula and her husband and their son in manhattan It’s the best thing for him I named him vincent after papa he was 8pounds even a head full of straight black hair and black eyes looked just like his daddy I figured it would be better if he never knew this life paula’s a real estate broker and mario is a realtor they never been in any type of trouble and paula cant have anymore kids frances can never find out aunt cat: honey it’s okay your secret is safe with me he’s probably better off our husbands arent dependable vinny made me have a abortion my last pregnancy so when I got pregnant again I gave the baby to my motherr and did the whole miscarriage thing she’ll be 3 next month and I’ve only seen her twice anyways I love vinny but I need a man in my life so I been fucking somebody else his name is julio hes cuban 24 a dopedealer but sexy and he has that whole latino thing going on why wont you give antonio achance he’s sexy completely legit loves you and he has money and he’s a nice guy this gangster husband thing has gotten tired we need to experience more in life tina’s dead brunos dead jessie and johnny are dead it’s just fucked up angie we grew up with tina and jessie then we had to bury them we owe it to our kids to get out mamma:there is no out cat we know to much our husbands would kill us before letting us go theyd be to paranoid that wed rat when we married them we signed a life time contract I then walked in mamma: you okay bambina me: yeah mamma im just bored the nthe news came on the police had found randazzo and his mistresses bodies in the trunk of his car shot up behind his favorite italian eatery in chicago and louise castaldo and jerry vaccarelli his 2 leaders had been found dead louise was found in 1 of their warehouses he had been shot through the eye at point blank range cops said it had to have been a shotgun or a really powerful handgun cause half of his face and head was missing and jerry had been shot down right in front of his wife but she claimed she hadnt seen the person who shot him his 2 tough guys I seen the night they shot up our houses were reported missing by their girlfriends aunt cat: those bastards got what they deserved mamma: what are you going to do with the cuban you cant keep him vinny will kill you if he finds out cat auntcat: I got it under control trust me mamma: I hope to god you do papa and uncle vinny were released after 9 more months instead of 12 it was right before my 12th birthday we and the lombardos pulled up in separate limo and I jumped out and ran to papa and hugged him aunt cat was all over uncle vinny the whole way home mamma didn’t say anything to papa soon as we got home they started arguing papa: what the fuck is wrong with you angie mamma: I want a divorce I know about your whore frances everyone does papa: youre not going anywhere angie I cheated a few fuckin times but that was a long time ago im sorry they didnt mean shit to me you know that youre the only woman I’ve ever loved and youre the only woman I want to be with mamma: feed that shit to someone who’ll believe it and she went in their bedroom and papa followed her and slammed the door and I could here them arguing mamma: fuck you frances it’s over youre nothing but a fuckin gangster you hurt people and it doesnt bother you papa; don’t you ever call me no fuckin gangster again angela im sick of your shit you want to leave you ungrateful bitch then do it but your not getting shit including the kids mamma; what have you become do you love me frances I mean really papa: you know I do what do you want from me angie mamma: leave this business and be normal and legit I want us to have a normal life frances papa: you know I cant do that angie but I can be there for you more I don’t want you to go mamma: I cant stay and let you turn our sons into you papa: what the hell does that mean mamma: they look up to you and they think this is ok papa: it is ok youre the only one bitching you sound like a fuckin canary mamma: Im not leaving if I cant have the kids I’ll sleep in the guest room and it was silent then mamma came out the bedroom and went into the guestroom and slammed the door and papa followed her and slammed the door and I went in the kitchen the next afternoon papa said he had to go out of town for business and would be gone for a week while he was packing there was a knock at the door I ran and opened it and there stood this very pretty italian girl who looked like she was in her early 20s and she asked where papa was I went and got him and he went to the door papa: what the fuck are you doing here mia my wife was never to find out about this so get the fuck out of here mia: please frances I need to talk to you I love u and I know you love me so leave her and be with me I’d be a good mother to your children papa; youre some piece of fuckin work my kids have a mother and I have a wife she finds out it’s your ass capisce then mamma came in through the patio doors mamma; who the fuck is this frances your comare you told me a fuckin lie said there was noone else and your fuckin around on me papa: sh’e no fuckin body just a fuckin crazy neighbor mia: I am his girlfriend If you were taking care of him he wouldnt be fuckin me mamma then came out the door and beat her ass senseless till papa finally felt like grabbing mamma mia left screaming at papa about he’ll regret it and he’s going to be sorry well he lost mamma she snuck off with me luciano and angie the other 2 didnt want to go we moved to cicero and lived in a secluded townhome complex it was 4 bedroom 41/2 bathroom with a den and mamma bought a lincoln towncar she didnt want to be to obvious she got all the money from her trust fund that nonno uno finally had unfrozen and let her use cause she had left papa a 2 months went past and mamma started seeing a relator named antonio maggio who adored mamma we later found out mia had been found in her apartment dead cops said the weapon used had to be a shotgun or a 357 magnum because she was missing parts of her skull it happenednot to long afterr mamma left with us aunt cat became a local celebrity in newport beach she was all on tv having interviews talking about all of us our father’s lives she would always take pictures mamma finally called and got her told her where we were she came and told no1 she knew where we were but she was also on the run cause uncle vinny found out about her affair she was hiding out in queens new york with franca and angelo we were all happy to see she was still alive and okay mamma held her for about 5 minutes mamma: im so glad that bastard didnt find you he and frances are probably tearing up newport looking for us fran take franca and angelo upstairs to hang out with you angie and lucky and franca went to hang out with angie and angelo with lucky I went to the bottom of the stairs so I could listen to mamma and aunt cat talking cause I was always the nosy one aunt cat was crying auntcat: were fucked angie we cant hide forever they’ll find us and when they do were finished vinny already whacked jules he was shot down right in front of his apartment in broad daylight someone said a cop was sitting there and drove off while it was happening but noone would tell who the shooter was and he wasnt living in the ghetto he was in the suburbs so it had to be him cause one bullet went exactly through his eye at close range and something else I have to tell you I’m pregnant 3 months to be exact I don’t know who the father is cause jules wasnt the only man I was fuckin around on vinny with I was planning to leave vinny for this italian guy named ronald lauritano he’s a teacher in los angelas at least he was till he disapeared last week and he hasnt been found yet I loved him but was to scared of being hurt to commit to him I tried to be more discreet to protect him but I fucked up it’s ok for vinny to fuck whoever he wants but he kills anyone who touches me did I tell you what really happened to my first husband enrico well I told you he died of a heart attack I lied he was found in his pool dead full of bullets we were never married we were engaged it was the day before our wedding I was engaged to him but talking to vinny to well fuckin vinny I hadnt fucked him yet I told him I wanted to wait till we were married he was 35 I was 16 he was the owner of a few apartments and a resteraunt very legit man vinny on the other hand was a tough guy rosa and vinny arent my biological kids their mother died when they were young rosa was 3 and vinny jr was 4 vinny was married when we started fooling around I had franca but gave her to my parents cause I didnt want her I was just a selfish bitch when rico was killed I went back home for a while then vinny’s wife died in a car acciedent and he acted like it didnt affect him he asked me to marry him the day she was buried took me to the funeeral and everything told me he loved me and we had a huge wedding and I soon realized vinny was a mafioso I knew cause he was hanging with frances that’s when I met you when vinny moved us to ciceero I got ffranca before we left and realized id never leave her again and I can’t my little girl my boy what would they do without me does he even care what thatll do to them if he whacks me all he cares about is how he looks to people and a slutty wife has to be killed to build back his image mamma: cat why don’t we just take the kids and leave the country go to canada or italy somewhere where they cant find us stay with us for a while please id feel better if you did I told you all about the guy im seeing he’s great but I still love frances I havent slept with him but I’ve kissed him a few times franca and angie then ran downstairs franca: mommy it’s a cadillac outside the house aunt cat and mamma got up and looked outside and it was just mamma’s boyfriend antonio mamma opened the door and hugged him mamma: cat this is antonio antonio caterina but we call her cat auntcat: your very sexy and in shape you work out antonio: everyday if you guys don’t mind im going to steal angela for a while we’ll be back tonight auntcat: have fun with her and they left me: aunt cat can we go shopping or something auntcat: sure get the boys I’ll call your mom’s driver to come with the limo when we got back it was 9 and mamma was still gone so we all eventually went to bed after dinner a few hours later I awaken to auntcat crying and ran downstairs everyone else was already down there dressed auntcat: last night someone broke into antpnio’s house and killed him and angie’s in the hospital they don’t know if she’ll make it she was shot 6 times and antonio 12 or more times they don’t know who did it angie then broke down and started screaming angie: it was papa that bastard did it I know he did he knew mamma didnt want him anymore so he tried to have her killed I hate him so much franca was crying and went and sat down on aunt cat’s lap I didnt want to believe it and ran out the front door and down the street aunt cat soon came running after me with her heels and minidress and caught me and I was crying me: it cant be true aunt cat how did he find us why would he do this to us to our mamma doesn’t he care about us he said he loved mamma auntcat: I know bambina I love her to but your father and my husband are evil men they love you kids but were replaceable but 1 day they’ll live to regret their ways

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more drama

Mar. 2nd, 2007 | 04:18 am

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Mar. 2nd, 2007 | 04:01 am
mood: blank blank

believe it or not a friend of mine started dealing with a big time drug dealer who is currently incarcerated and she didnt know he was also writing another woman well a few months into their correnspondence she found prayers a woman had posted claiming herr undying love for him and prayed for him to get out and called him the love of her life she asked him about it he said they were just good friends and for her to post a prayer to prove he was telling the truth well the woman seen it and started harrasing her everyday sending tons of emails saying how he was no good she was a whore and how she was going to have him hurt my friend didnt believe him that he and the woman never met he had just been writing her but turned out he was right the woman basically admitted in one of herr emails she had just been writing him for 2years but never met him we laughed cause we couldnt believe she felt this way and was acting this crazy oveer this guy she never even met in 2years she first claimed her dad was a solider in the mafia then she claim they had their own crime family she is psycho she wants to be a mafia princess so badley it didnt stop she started harrassing me my friend her cousin and some other friends of ours on myspace her and her kids who are older than my friend who is 20 here is 1 of the first blogs she posted"Why do you bother calling after all that we've been through? What do you even think I Could possibly have to say to you? You call me on the phone You seem to say a lot Well, now there's some things I need to say to you that you seem to have forgot... There used to be a time when I needed you to be mine How I wished it could be that way Till you called me with the bullshit you felt the need to say... So now you turn your back on me Pack your "lies" and hit the road I guess you're feeling really special Thinking 'bout how I wanted you to hold... Well, I can still give you something to hold on to, baby You can "hold" on to these thoughts And if you're ever feeling lonely You can remember what you lost." Written By: Cella Di Leo Dontcha Wish![IMG] Mafia Principessa[IMG] Cella Di Leo (2005)[IMG] Cella Di Leo (June 2006)[IMG] LCN[IMG] Cella Di Leo Welcome to Cella Di Leo's msn space!!! I am the long time former girlfriend of Joey Merlino, 100% Hot Italian Babe, 37 years old, I am a Capricorn. I will be celebrating my 38th birthday in January '07. I was born in the year 1969. "69" has always been a good number for me! Smile! I am single...(divorce pending), mother of four beautiful children: Ashli, Damiano Rocco, Coccia, & Crisitiana Di Leo. I am an Independent Contractor in Marketing & Merchandising...$100k annual income. I am also a very talented writer & author...currently working on my own Biography. I am the daughter of "Jimmy Seals" LCN soldier (deceased.) I designed this site out of my own personal regard for a guy named Sal. Salvatore, likes to call himself "Big Sal"...however, he has shown me that the only thing "big" about him is his "nene attitude." I had been corresponding with Sal over a period of close to 2 years... until just recently... If you loggon you might be able to figure out for yourself how Sal has disrespected me. If this is your first visit to this site...I hope that you will be sure to stay tuned! This site will be better than any soap opera on television! I will be posting "Sal's own hand-written words" on this site for all viewers who visit here . I hope you will please bear with me...because sometimes when I get a little "heated" I start writing things in Italian such as "vafanculo" and "la minchia!" What began as a "friendship"...escalated in to an extremely passionate romance...then ended abruptly, is what will keep you coming back to this site for more! So, be sure to stay tuned! I will be sharing with all of you the "blogs" of the Legacy of Cella Di Leo. (Be sure to get my book as soon as it is published. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit my most adored & be-loved friend in all the world...Joe "skinny Joe" Merlino.) Ciao, until next time! Sinceramente, Cella Michele Di Leo

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meyer lansky

Mar. 2nd, 2007 | 03:58 am

Meyer Lansky (born Majer Suchowliński, July 4, 1902 – January 15, 1983) was an American gangster who, with Charles "Lucky" Luciano, was instrumental in the development of the so-called "National Crime Syndicate" in the United States. He was the intellectual impetus behind the Commission and the so-called "Mogul of the Mob." Interestingly, while nearly all Lansky's contemporary criminal associates were either arrested or murdered, Lansky himself served only a small sentence and died a natural death.

Contents [hide]
1 Emigration and childhood
2 Adult crimes
3 War work
4 Gambling is abolished in Cuba
5 The Flamingo Problem
6 Later years
7 Popular culture
8 Further reading
9 References
10 External links

[edit] Emigration and childhood
Born in Grodno, Russian Empire (now Hrodna, Belarus) to Polish Jewish parents, his family emigrated to the United States in 1911 and settled in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York. While Lansky was in school, he met a young Lucky Luciano, who shook down other kids for protection money. When Lansky refused to pay, Luciano fought him, but came away impressed with the younger boy's toughness, creating a bond that would make them friends for life.

Lansky met Bugsy Siegel when he was a teenager. They also became friends for life and, together with Luciano, formed a lasting partnership. Lansky was instrumental in Luciano's rise to power, when he helped organize the 1931 murder of mafia powerhouse, Salvatore Maranzano. As a youngster, Lansky's life was saved many times by Siegel, a fact Lansky always appreciated. The two of them managed the Bug and Meyer Mob adroitly, despite its being one of the most violent Prohibition mobs.

[edit] Adult crimes
Lansky had established gambling operations in Florida, New Orleans and Cuba by 1936, the year Luciano was convicted and sent to prison. As Alfred McCoy records,

"During the 1930s, Meyer Lansky "discovered" the Caribbean for northeastern syndicate bosses and invested their illegal profits in an assortment of lucrative gambling ventures... He was also reportedly responsible for organized crime's decision to declare Miami a "free city" (i.e., not subject to the usual rules of territorial monopoly)." [citation needed]
Lansky also became a big investor in Siegel's Las Vegas project. After Al Capone's 1931 conviction for tax evasion, he transferred illegal funds from his casinos to Europe, where he opened up a numbered bank account following the 1934 Swiss Banking Act.[citation needed] Later, according to Lucy Komisar, he would even buy an offshore bank in Switzerland, which he used for money laundering through a network of shell and holding companies. ("Offshore Banking: The Secret Threat to America," Dissent, Spring 2003)

[edit] War work
During World War II, Lansky would be instrumental in the Office of Naval Intelligence's efforts to recruit the criminal underworld into keeping an eye out for German infiltrators and submarine-borne saboteurs, in Operation Underworld.

In the 1930s, Lansky and his gang stepped outside their usual activities to break rallies held in sympathy of Nazi Germany. Lansky himself recollected that at a rally in Yorkville (a neighborhood in Manhattan dominated by German immigrants) he and about 14 others:

The stage was decorated with a swastika and a picture of Hitler. The speakers started ranting. There were only fifteen of us, but we went into action. We threw some of them out the windows. . . . Most of the Nazis panicked and ran out. We chased them and beat them up... We wanted to show them that Jews would not always sit back and accept insults[1].

[edit] Gambling is abolished in Cuba
After Luciano was paroled on the condition that he return to Sicily and never leave Italy, Luciano secretly moved to Cuba, from where he began to resume his control over the American mafia operations. He also ran a number of casinos with the sanction of Cuban president General Fulgencio Batista (who received a percentage). After the Cuban revolution of 1959, which saw the rise of Fidel Castro and the end of Batista's tenure, new Cuban president Manuel Urrutia Lleó ordered the casinos to be shut, and Lansky moved on to elsewhere in the Caribbean, particularly the Bahamas. Lansky's loss in Cuba was devastating, but it did not slow him down.

[edit] The Flamingo Problem
Siegel's projects in Las Vegas were failing miserably and all mafia bosses, Lansky included, were summoned to a secret meeting in Havana. While everyone else wanted Siegel killed, Lansky begged for a second chance for his friend. He was able to persuade the bosses to give Siegel a second chance, but Siegel's casino kept on losing money and a second meeting was called. This time, the casino was able to turn in a small profit during the month of their second meeting, and that, together with Lansky's pleading and Luciano's hopes their old friend could still do good in Vegas, convinced them to give Siegel a third chance. That small profit turned out to be only a small hurrah and led to a third meeting. It was decided Siegel had to go. He had humiliated the organized crime bosses and never had a chance. It is widely believed that Meyer Lansky himself gave the final okay. Only twenty minutes after the hit, Lansky's associates (including Gus Greenbaum and Moe Sedway) walked into the Flamingo Hotel and announced that Siegel was no longer in the picture, they were taking over. According to the FBI, Lansky had a substantial interest in the Flamingo and did so for over twenty years.

Lansky in 1958
[edit] Later years
Meyer Lansky kept a very low profile and his days in Miami Beach were filled with routine. The FBI had a very tough time pursuing him. His associates usually met him in malls and crowded locations. Lansky's chauffeur was known to drive him around town to look for payphones. So elusive was Lansky, the FBI pretty much gave up on him by the mid-1970s. He kept very little in his name and seemed to be just another struggling old man. The truth was, Meyer Lansky never owned property. He owned people who owned property. Among Lansky's fronts were Sam Cohen, Alvin Malnik and Benjamin Sigelbaum. Malnik had originally started working for Lansky associate, Al Mones in the late 1950s. Malnik's rise in the Lansky organization was fast and by 1970, he had seemingly become the most valuable player. After Lansky's death in 1983, Alvin Malnik's power became more visible than ever. Law enforcement officials have long suspected him to be Lansky's sole "heir".

During the 1970s, Lansky faced tax evasion charges and fled to Israel, where he lived for two years before being apprehended and returned to the United States. The government's best shot was a loan shark named Vincent Teresa, an informant with little or no credibilty. The jury was unreceptive and Lansky was acquitted in 1974. Lansky's last years were spent quietly at his home in Miami Beach. On January 15, 1983, Meyer Lansky succumbed to lung cancer. He was 81 years-old and left behind a wife and three children. At the time, the FBI believed he left behind over three hundred million dollars in hidden bank accounts, but the money never turned up. On paper, Lansky was worth almost nothing.

[edit] Popular culture
The character Hyman Roth, portrayed by Lee Strasberg, in the film The Godfather Part II (1974) is based on Lansky. In fact, shortly after the premier in 1974, Lansky phoned Strasberg and congratulated him on a good performance, but added "You could've made me more sympathetic".
The 1981 NBC mini series, The Gangster Chronicles, the character of Michael Lasker, played by Brian Benben was based on Lansky. The reason for the name "Michael Lasker" was due to Lansky's still living at the time.
The film Bugsy (1991), a biography of Bugsy Siegel, included him as a major character, played by Ben Kingsley.
In the 1991 film Mobsters, he is played by the actor Patrick Dempsey.
In the 1996 novel The Plan, by Stephen J. Cannell, Lansky and fellow mobster Joseph Alo are involved in putting an anti-RICO presidential candidate into office.
A 1999 made-for-TV movie called Lansky_(film) was released starring Richard Dreyfuss as Lansky, Eric Roberts as Bugsy Siegel, and Anthony LaPaglia as Lucky Luciano.
Meyer Lansky is portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the 2005 film The Lost City.
Lansky was rumored to have photographic proof that J. Edgar Hoover was a homosexual; conspiracy theorists believed this was the reason he wasn't aggressive in pursuing organized crime. There is no known direct evidence that Hoover was in fact gay, but there is strong circumstantial evidence suggesting so.
Manny Wiesbord, the mob chieftan played by Joseph Wiseman on Crime Story, was based on Lansky.
David 'Noodles' Aaronson, the gangster played by Robert De Niro in Sergio Leone's opus Once Upon A Time In America was based on Meyer Lansky.

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(no subject)

Mar. 2nd, 2007 | 03:56 am

Charles "Lucky" Luciano (born Salvatore Lucania) (November 24, 1897 – January 26, 1962) was a Sicilian-American mobster. Luciano is considered the father of modern organized crime and the mastermind of the massive postwar expansion of the international heroin trade.

Contents [hide]
1 Early life
2 Rise to power
3 World War II, freedom, and deportation
4 Involvement in U.S. heroin trade
5 Later years
6 Trivia
7 Reference
8 External links

[edit] Early life
Charles Luciano was born on November 24, 1897 in Lercara Friddi, Sicily, a town primarily known for its sulfur mines. The promise of a new and better life led his family to immigrate to America in 1907 and he arrived in New York late that year. At 10 years he was arrested for the first time on a count of shoplifting. During this same year he met his long time friend Meyer Lansky. At 18 he was sentenced to 6 months at a reformatory for selling heroin and morphine. Upon his release he resumed his dealings and led a dangerous gang of the Five Points.

By 1920 Luciano had met many of the mafia heavy weights including Bugsy Siegel, Vito Genovese, and Frank Costello.

Soon Luciano hooked up with Joe Masseria. But the partnership was doomed from the start as Luciano’s and Masseria’s methods of business differed greatly. One day Luciano was forced into a limo at gun point by three men, beaten and stabbed, and dumped on the beaches of New York Bay. Luciano survived the ordeal, but was forever marked with the now infamous scar and droopy eye. This incident is sometimes confused with the origin of his nickname "Lucky". However "Lucky" actually came from his ability to pick winning horses at the races.[citation needed] After the incident Luciano quickly found out through Lansky that it was Masseria that had ordered the abduction. He secretly plotted with Masseria's enemy Sal Maranzano to betray Masseria. This plot would be the beginning of the Castellammarese War.

[edit] Rise to power
From 192 to 1931 the war raged on resulting in many mobsters deaths until Masseria was killed in a Coney Island restaurant by Bugsy, and three of Luciano's men. It is rumored that Luciano had lunch with Masseria, and stepped into the wash room just as the gun men stormed the restaurant. Maranzano then made Luciano his number two, and set up the Five New York Families under him. But Maranzano recognized Luciano for what he was: an ambitious gangster that would not stop till he reached the top, and decided that in order for Maranzano to maintain power, he would have to eliminate him, as well as the infamous Al Capone of Chicago.

Luciano learned of a plot, and Lansky answered by ordering the killing of Maranzano. Luciano was now the model mobster, he had business in Chicago, Detroit, New Jersey, and above all: New York. His long time friend Meyer Lansky served as his right hand man and Luciano always followed Lansky’s advice. During the years of Luciano's rule, he made the pact: "we only kill each other". This was exemplified when Dutch Schultz tried to killew York attorney Thomas Dewey in direct violation with pact, he was soon after executed. Luciano oversaw and ordered the killings of an estimated 500 men, although a significant portion of those he was never directly connected to or involved in.

In the mid 1930s Luciano began organizing all of the New York brothels. The idea was to set a flat rate and overwork the women to squeeze as much money out of the business as possible. The prostitutes worked six days a week for long hours and slowly they began to crack. Finally, the police organized a raid of 80 separate brothels and over 100 prostitutes were brought in. They all spoke of the terrible rule of Luciano's gang. In 1936, after a short trial, Luciano was sentenced to thirty to fifty years for his involvement in the brothels.

[edit] World War II, freedom, and deportation
During WWII the U.S. government is reported to have covertly made a deal with Luciano, who was by then imprisoned. U.S. military intelligence was aware Luciano had maintained good connections in the Sicilian and Italian Mafia, which had been severely persecuted under Mussolini in Italy. Luciano was an American devoted to Sicily, the Mafia, and the USA alike. His help was sought in providing Mafia assistance to counter possible Axis infiltration on U.S. waterfronts, during Operation Underworld, and his connections in Italy and Sicily were tapped to furnish intelligence and ensure an easy passage for U.S. forces as they moved up through the Italian peninsula. Both during and after the war, the U.S. military and intelligence agencies reputedly also used Luciano's Mafia connections to root out Communist influence in resistance groups and local governments.

In return for his cooperation, it is claimed that Luciano was permitted to run his crime empire unhindered from his jail cell, and that during the 1940s, he used to meet US military men during train trips throughout Italy, and he enjoyed being recognized by his countrymen, several times taking photos and even signing autographs for them.

In 1946, as part of the payoff for his cooperation, he was paroled on the condition that he leave the United States and return to Italy. He accepted the deal, although he had maintained during his trial that he was a native of New York City and was therefore not subject to deportation, but was deeply hurt about having to leave the USA, a country he had considered his own ever since his arrival at age ten. Later that year, he flew to Cuba for the Havana Conference, where he retook control of the American syndicate. At the meeting, Luciano ordered the execution of Siegel, who had cost the Mafia millions by opening money-losing casinos in Las Vegas. When the US government learned of Luciano's presence in the Caribbean he was forced to fly back to Italy.

[edit] Involvement in U.S. heroin trade
According to drug trade expert Dr Alfred W. McCoy, during the 1950s Luciano forged a crucial alliance with the Corsican Mafia, who were reputed to be even tougher and more dangerous than the Sicilians -- their drug operation was the so-called "French Connection", which was depicted in the famous film starring Gene Hackman.

This new super-syndicate oversaw a massive increase in the production, refining and distribution of heroin, which had been all but eliminated as an addiction problem during World War II because of wartime restrictions. Using opium sourced mainly from Turkey, heroin was refined and distributed via an elaborate network based in the Corsican Mafia stronghold of Marseilles in France.

Heroin soon began flooding into America and Europe, making notable inroads into vulnerable areas such as the American jazz scene, thanks to the Mafia's increasing takeover of music venues and other facets of the entertainment industry. The influence of heroin on American institutions continued well beyond Luciano's death.

[edit] Later years
Later in life Luciano came into conflict with Lansky over the amount of money he was receiving from Mafia operations in the early 1960s, but his failing health prevented him from putting up a fight on the matter. On January 26, 1962, Luciano died of a heart attack at the age of 64 at Naples International Airport. He was buried in St. John's Cemetery in the borough of Queens in New York City, after a federal court ruled his burial on United States soil could not be blocked on the grounds that a corpse is not a citizen of any country and is therefore not subject to immigration control or deportation laws.

On the day of his fatal heart attack, Luciano had plans to sell the rights of his life's story to a movie maker [citation needed]. The Mob disliked the idea and had tried unsuccessfully to change his mind. It has been hypothesized that Luciano's heart attack was a result of poisoning by the Mafia [citation needed].

[edit] Trivia
More than likely the character Michael Corleone incorporates a number of Luciano type traits.
In the film, "The Cotton Club", Luciano is portrayed by Joe Dallesandro.
The 1989 book Billy Bathgate, a retelling of Dutch Schultz's last days from the point of view of a young boy he befriends, features Luciano as a minor character whom the narrator is too afraid to identify by name. He was played by Stanley Tucci in the film adaptation.
The 1991 film Mobsters is about the rise of Luciano, Lansky, Frank Costello and Bugsy Siegel. It takes several liberties with historical accuracy. It stars Christian Slater as Luciano, who narrates the film.
The 1991 film Bugsy, the role of Lucky Luciano was played by Bill Graham.
The 1997 film Hoodlum, about the gang war in Harlem between Dutch Schultz and Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson, co-starring Andy Garcia as Luciano. Arguably it is the most accurate physical portrayal of him, showing Luciano with all of his scars and malformities.
The 2002 book 54, written by Wu Ming, has Lucky Luciano as one of its characters - as well as Marshall Tito

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al capone

Mar. 2nd, 2007 | 03:51 am

Alphonse Gabriel Capone (January 17, 1899 – January 25, 1947), popularly known as Al "Scarface" Capone, was an American gangster who led a crime syndicate dedicated to the illegal traffic of alcoholic beverages during the time of their prohibition in the 1920s and 1930s. Born in New York City to Neapolitan emigrants Gabriele and Teresina Capone, he began his career in Brooklyn before moving to Chicago and becoming the boss of the criminal organization known as the Chicago Outfit (Although his business card reportedly described him as a used furniture dealer.[1]). By the end of the 1920's, he had gained the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation following his being placed on the Chicago Crime Commission's "public enemies" list. Although never successfully convicted of racketeering charges, Capone's criminal career ended in 1931 when he was indicted and convicted by the federal government for income tax evasion.

Contents [hide]
1 Birth, family and early life
2 Early criminal record
3 Capone moves to Chicago
4 Activity in Cicero, Illinois
5 Capone's wealth and power grows in Chicago
6 Federal income taxes and downfall
7 Prison time
8 Physical decline, and death
9 Popular culture
10 Notes
11 Further reading
12 References
13 External links

Birth, family and early life
Capone was born to Gabriele Capone (December 12, 1864 – November 14, 1920) and his wife Teresina Capone (December 28, 1867 – November 29, 1952) in Brooklyn, New York, at the turn of the 20th century. Gabriele was a barber from Castellammare di Stabia, a village about 15 miles south of Naples, Italy. Teresina was a seamstress and the daughter of Angelo Raiola from Angri, a town in the province of Salerno. The Capones had immigrated to the United States in 1894, and settled in the Navy Yard section of Downtown Brooklyn. At the age of 14, the Capone family moved from the Navy Yard section of Brooklyn to 21 Garfield Street, in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. This new home had a huge impact on Al, as this is where he met his future wife Mae Josephine Coughlin, whom he would marry a few years later at St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church, and a gangster Johnny Torrio. Gabriele and Teresina had seven sons and two daughters:

Vincenzo Capone (1892 – October 1, 1952).
Raffaele Capone (1894 – November 22, 1974).
Salvatore Capone (January 1895 – April 1, 1924). Called "Frank". Killed by police after firing on officers.
Alphonse Gabriel Capone (January 17, 1899 – January 25, 1947).
Erminio Capone (1901 – ?). Called “John” or affectionately “Mimi”. He served prison terms for minor offenses such as vagrancy and illegal possession of alcohol. He changed his last name to “Martin” and reportedly was still alive in 1994.[citation needed]
Umberto Capone (1906 – June 1980). Called “Albert”. He was an employee of the newspaper Cicero Tribune under the ownership of his brother Al. He changed his last name to “Raiola” in 1942.
Matthew Capone (1908 – January 31, 1967). A Tavern owner.
Rose Capone (Born and died in 1910).
Mafalda Capone (January 28, 1912 – March 25, 1988).

Early criminal record
Capone's life of crime began early. As a teenager, he joined two gangs, the Brooklyn Rippers and the Forty Thieves Juniors, and engaged in petty crime.

Capone quit school in the sixth grade at the age of 14, after he was expelled for punching a teacher at Public School 133 after she struck him. He then worked at odd jobs around Brooklyn, including in a candy store and a bowling alley. After his initial stint with small-time gangs, Capone joined the notorious Five Points Gang, headed by Frankie Yale. It was at this time he began working as a bartender and a bouncer at Yale's establishment, the seedy Harvard Inn. It was there that Capone was slashed twice in the face during a fight with a thug, Frank Gallucio, after Capone had mentioned: "You have a nice ass, and I mean that as a compliment". Once his face had been stitched up Capone went looking for Gallucio, who appealed to Lucky Luciano to mediate the dispute. Luciano and Yale decided that Gallucio's attack was justified and forbade Capone to exact revenge for the wound that would earn him the lifelong nickname "Scarface". In later years Capone employed Gallucio as a bodyguard when visiting New York.

On December 30, 1918, Capone married Mae Josephine Coughlin, an Irish woman who shortly before their marriage had given birth to his son, Albert Francis ("Sonny") Capone. The couple lived in Brooklyn before moving to Amityville, Long Island, to be close to “Rum row”.

Capone was still working for Frankie Yale and is thought to have committed at least two murders before being sent to Chicago in 1919, mainly to avoid the retribution of Bill Lovett, a psychotic lieutenant in the White Hand Gang, who was busy searching for the Italian kid with scars who had hospitalised one of his subordinates. Capone was familiar with Chicago, having been sent there previously by Yale in order to help crime boss Big Jim Colosimo dispose of a troublesome group of Black Hand extortionists. Capone went to work for Colosimo's empire under Giovanni "Johnny" Torrio, another Brooklyn boy. The move primed one of the most notorious crime careers in modern American history.

Capone moves to Chicago
Torrio immediately recognized Capone's talents and soon Capone had been elevated to running the Four Deuces bar and had responsibility for much of the alcohol and prostitution rackets in the city of Chicago. With prohibition now in full effect, there was a fortune to be made in bootlegging. Colosimo's reluctance to move into this area of crime led to his murder on May 11, 1920 in the foyer of his own nightclub. Frankie Yale was later arrested for the murder but the case collapsed through lack of evidence. Torrio was now in charge and promoted Capone to be his second in command.

The Capone family moved to Chicago for good, buying a small, unassuming house at 7244 South Prairie Avenue in Cicero, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, which would serve as Al Capone's first headquarters.

Activity in Cicero, Illinois
After the 1923 election of reform mayor William Emmett Dever in Chicago, Chicago's city government began to put pressure on the gangster elements inside the city limits. To put its headquarters outside of city jurisdiction and create a safe zone for its operations, the Capone organization muscled its way into Cicero, Illinois. This led to one of Capone's greatest triumphs, the takeover of Cicero's town government in 1924. The 1924 town council elections in Cicero became known as one of the most crooked elections in the Chicago area's long history with voters threatened at the polling station by thugs. His mayoral candidate won by a huge majority, but only weeks later said that he would run Capone out of town. Capone met with his puppet-mayor and personally knocked him down the town hall steps, a powerful assertion of gangster power, and a huge victory for the Torrio-Capone alliance.

The event was marred, however, by the death of Capone's brother Frank at the hands of the police. It broke Al's heart. Unshaven (a gangster form of mourning), Capone cried openly at the funeral and ordered the closure of all the speakeasies in Cicero for a day as a mark of respect.

Capone's wealth and power grows in Chicago

The Lexington Hotel, Chicago. Capone's headquarters. Known as Capone's castle. Photographed in the 1990s, it is now demolishedSeverely injured in a 1925 assassination attempt, the shaken Torrio turned over his business to Capone and returned to Italy. Capone was notorious during the Prohibition era for his control of large portions of the Chicago underworld and his bitter rivalries with North Side gangsters such as Dion O’Banion, Bugs Moran and O'Banion lieutenant Hymie Weiss. Although the Capone organization was making a great deal of money from illegal prostitution and alcohol (some estimates were that between 1925 and 1930 it was grossing $100 million a year), Capone was virtually immune from prosecution due to witness intimidation and the bribing of city officials, such as Chicago mayor William "Big Bill" Hale Thompson.

Capone was reputed to have had several other retreats and hideouts including Brookfield, Wisconsin; Saint Paul, Minnesota; Olean, New York; French Lick, Indiana; Dubuque, Iowa; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Johnson City, Tennessee; and Lansing, Michigan.

In 1928, Capone bought a retreat on Palm Island, Florida. It was shortly after this purchase that he orchestrated the most notorious gangland killing of the century, the 1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Although details of the killing of the 7 victims are still in dispute and no one was ever indicted for the crime, their deaths are generally linked to Capone and his henchmen, especially Jack "Machine Gun" McGurn, who is thought to have led the operation. By staging the massacre, Capone was trying to dispose of his arch-rival Bugs Moran, who controlled gang operations on the North Side of Chicago. Moran was late for the meeting and escaped an otherwise certain death.

Time Magazine cover featuring CaponeThroughout the 1920s there were a number of attempts to assassinate Capone. He was shot in a restaurant, and had his car riddled with bullets more than once. However, most of the would-be assassins were incompetent, and Capone was never seriously wounded. Members of the gang that had wounded Torrio shot into the headquarters of Capone's gang, which was disguised as a doctor's office and an antique dealer's shop. Nobody was hurt in the raid (Capone's bodyguard threw him to the ground at the first sound of gunfire) although the headquarters was riddled with bullet holes.

Capone often tried to whitewash his image and be seen as a community leader. For example, he started a program, which was continued for decades after his death, to fight rickets by providing a daily milk ration to Chicago school children. Such efforts, however, did not change his reputation for violence and murder within the city.

Federal income taxes and downfall
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Al Capone's privileged cell in Eastern State Penitentiary, where he spent ten months in 1929-1930 for possession of a concealed weapon [1]Although Capone always did his business through front men and had no accounting records in his own name (even his mansion was in his wife's name), Al Alcini started linking him to his earnings. The federal income tax laws allowed the federal government to pursue Capone on tax evasion, their best chance of finally convicting him.

Part of the reason Capone was taken to task in this way was his status as a celebrity. On the advice of his publicist, he did not hide from the media by the mid 1920s and began to make public appearances. When Charles Lindbergh performed his famous transatlantic flight in 1927, Capone was among the first to push forward and shake his hand upon his arrival in Chicago. He gained a great deal of admiration from many of the poor in Chicago for his flagrant disregard of the prohibition law that they all despised. He was viewed for a time as a lovable outlaw, partially due to his extravagant generosity to strangers and often lending a hand to struggling Italian-Americans. His night club, the Cotton Club, became a hot-spot for hot new acts such as Charlie Parker and Bing Crosby. He was often cheered in the street, and it was only the brutal murders of the St. Valentine's Day massacre that made people view him, once again, as a killer and socially unacceptable.[citation needed] This was despite Capone's opening of soup kitchens in Chicago's poorest suburbs.

Capone headed a list of “public enemies” corrupting the city compiled by chairman of the Chicago Crime Commission, Frank J. Loesch, in April 1930. The list was published by newspapers nationwide, and Capone became known as “Public Enemy No. 1”.

Pursuing Capone were Treasury agent Eliot Ness and his hand-picked team of incorruptible U.S. Prohibition agents, "The Untouchables", and internal revenue agent Frank Wilson of the Treasury Department's Bureau of Internal Revenue[2]. During a routine warehouse raid they discovered in a desk drawer what was clearly a crudely coded set of accounts. Ness then concentrated on pursuing Capone for his failure to pay tax on this substantial illegal income. This story has become a legend and the subject of books and films.

Capone was tried in a federal court in 1931. The Alcinis tried to help Capone, but he pleaded guilty to the charges on advice from his legal counsel hoping for a plea bargain. But after the judge refused his lawyer's offers, and the jury was replaced on the day of the trial to frustrate Capone's associates' efforts to bribe or intimidate the original jury, Al Capone was found guilty on five of twenty-two counts of tax evasion for the years 1925, 1926, and 1927 and willful failure to file tax returns for 1928 and 1929. Capone's legal team offered to pay all outstanding tax and interest and told their client to expect a hefty fine. Capone turned crimson with rage as the judge sentenced him to eleven years in a federal prison and one year in the county jail, as well as an earlier six-month contempt of court sentence.[3] He also had to pay substantial fines and costs.

Prison time
In May 1932, Capone was sent to Atlanta, a tough federal prison, but was able to take control and obtain special privileges. He was then transferred to Alcatraz, where tight security and an intractable Warden ensured that he had no contact with the outside world. Capone entered Alcatraz with his usual confidence, but his isolation from his associates, and the repeal of Prohibition, meant his empire was beginning to wither. He attempted to earn time off for good behavior, by being an ideal prisoner and refusing to participate in prisoner rebellions. When he attempted to bribe guards he was sent to the “hole” (solitary confinement).

During his early months at Alcatraz, Capone made an enemy by showing his disregard for the social order of the prison when he cut in line while prisoners were waiting for a haircut.[citation needed] James Lucas, a Texas bank robber serving 30 years, reportedly confronted the former syndicate leader and told him to get back at the end of the line. When Capone asked if he knew who he was, Lucas reportedly grabbed a pair of the barber's scissors and, holding them to Capone's neck, answered "Yeah, I know who you are, greaseball. And if you don't get back to the end of that fucking line, I'm gonna' know who you were."[citation needed]

Capone earned the contempt of many of the inmates in Alcatraz when he refused to take part in a prisoners' strike after a sick inmate was accused of malingering, denied medical treatment and died. Continuing his work in the prison laundry, he was continually harassed by other prisoners and often called a "scab" or "rat". He was eventually allowed to stay in his cell until the strike was resolved.

Shortly after returning to work, an unidentified inmate threw a heavy lead sash weight at his head, but he suffered only a deep cut on the arm after being pushed out of the way by convicted bank robber Roy Gardner.

Reassigned to mopping up the prison bathhouse, he was nicknamed the "wop with the mop" by inmates.[citation needed] He was later stabbed in the back by Lucas, who was sentenced to solitary confinement in "the Hole". Capone was hospitalized for a week. He was later harassed further and unsuccessful attempts on his life were made throughout his prison sentence, including spiking his coffee with lye and attacking him as he was walking towards the dentist's office.[citation needed] He remained under protection from several inmates (possibly due to payoffs by the Chicago Outfit).

Capone's mental state began to deteriorate. Amongst other things, he would repeatedly make his bed and then undo it for hours.[citation needed] At times, Capone refused to leave his cell at all, crouching in a corner and talking to himself in Italian or, according to some, complete gibberish.[citation needed] He began telling people that he was being haunted by the ghost of James Clark, a victim in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.[citation needed] Paranormal investigators were even sent in to observe him and his surroundings, though they ultimately decided that Capone was simply mentally unwell.[citation needed]

He completed his term in Alcatraz on 6 January 1939, and was transferred to Federal Correctional Institution Terminal Island in California, to serve his one-year misdemeanor sentence. He was released on 16 November 1939, spent a short time in hospital, then returned to his home in Palm Island, Florida.

Physical decline, and death
Capone's control and interests within organized crime had decreased rapidly on his imprisonment, and he was no longer able to run the Outfit on his release. He lost weight, and his physical and mental health declined, most noticeably with the onset of dementia probably caused by an infection of syphilis, untreated since it was contracted in his youth.[citation needed]

On 21 January 1947, Capone had an apoplectic stroke. He regained consciousness and started to improve, but contracted pneumonia on January 24, and died the next day from cardiac arrest (possibly associated with the 3rd stage complications of syphilis).[citation needed]

Alphonse Capone was originally buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, in Chicago's far South Side between the graves of his father, Gabriele, and brother, Frank. However, in March 1950, the remains of all three family members were moved to Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois, west of Chicago.

Popular culture
Al Capone also had two films about his life called Scarface. But in these movies his name was changed to Antonio 'Tony' Camonte, played by Paul Muni (in 1932).
One of the most notorious American gangsters of the 20th century, Capone has been the subject of numerous articles, books, and films. He has been portrayed on screen by Nicholas Kokenes, Wallace Beery, Paul Muni, Barry Sullivan, Rod Steiger, Neville Brand, Jason Robards, Ben Gazzara, Robert De Niro, William Devane, Titus Welliver,Al Pacino and William Forsythe.
The Paper Lace song entitled "The Night Chicago Died" imagines Capone and his army of criminals waging war against the Chicago Police force.
Dick Tracy creator Chester Gould created the villainous crime-boss Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice in 1931 as a caricature of Capone.
Capone and his era were highlighted in the 1959 television film The Untouchables and its feature film and television series remakes, which have created the myth of the personal war between the crime lord and Eliot Ness.
Capone was an off-screen character (in a deleted scene that was added to the DVD release) in the 2002 film Road to Perdition, where he was portrayed by Anthony LaPaglia.
He was a character in the comic book Tintin in America, the only real person to appear as a character in the The Adventures of Tintin series.
He was a Possessor in Peter F. Hamilton's The Night's Dawn Trilogy science fiction novels, managing to form a powerful "Organization" which overran several planets during the 2611 Possession Crisis.
Capone is mentioned in the famous gangster novel "The Godfather", where he plays a part in Vito Corleone's past. In the Godfather, he is portrayed as a ruthless man, but one without tact.
In several stories in the alternative history anthology Back in the USSA by Kim Newman and Eugene Byrne, Capone is imagined as the brutal dictator of a United States of America which experienced a communist revolution in 1917 instead of Russia, and is presented as an obvious analog to Joseph Stalin.
In The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, Capone was toyed with in a very humorous episode.
Capone is the subject of the Prince Buster song Al Capone and is the namesake of Rancid's Young Al Capone. Capone also appeared on the album art for Sufjan Stevens's 2005 album Illinois.
He is a non-playable character in the video game Shadow Hearts: From The New World.
An alleged vault of Capone's was opened by Geraldo Rivera on live television in 1986 on The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault. It turned out to be empty, except for an old whiskey bottle. This was parodied on the Simpsons, when Homer was trying to write a song and made the lyrics "There was nothing in Al Capone's vault/But it wasn't Geraldo's fault".
Tunnels found under the city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan are said to have been another hideout of Capone's[2]. The anfractuous tunnels are a very popular tourist attraction, due in part to the alleged link to Capone.
Capone's persona and character have been used in fiction as a model for crime-lords and criminal masterminds ever since his death. His accent, mannerisms, facial construction, sometimes his physical stature, type of dress, and often even parodies of his name are found in various cartoon series villains as well as some movies. These characters are often shown as wily and crafty, rather than contemptible, criminal characters.
Al Capone is a brand of cigars in Europe.
In Rocky II Burt Young's character Paulie was likened to Capone by World Champion Apollo Creed.
The film Scarface is a remake of the original 1932 film about Al Capone, showing how the downfall of both Tony Montana and Al Capone was due to tax evasion.
In the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours, Tony can buy the fictional "Whiskey Ghost" car, a gold-plated 1927 Ford Model A Custom Limo said to be once owned by Al Capone, for $10,000,000.
Capone appears in Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's novel "Inferno".
In the World of Darkness sourcebook Chicago by Night, Capone is an eighth-generation Ventrue Vampire who rules the Chicago underworld under the hand of Lodin, Prince of the City.


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